Shipping and return policies for Muzan Editions

Shipping Info
To keep shipping prices low, we use untracked airmail. Please expect 4-8 weeks for your package to arrive. Your package may take longer to arrive, depending on where you live. Please be patient.
Although this rarely happens, your package MAY disappear into postal oblivion. In such cases, we CANNOT refund your money. Once the tapes leave our hands, they are left to the fate of the postal gods. We do not have the resources to cover these losses. Any profit we make as a label goes into making tapes and providing remuneration for artists. We hope you understand.
For GUARANTEED delivery, please ask us to send your package with tracking (via EMS or a comparable service). This will cost more (add 1500yen/order at time of checkout), but we can guarantee that your package will arrive--or cover the full cost in cases of a lost package.
Thanks for reading!
Return Policy
No returns accepted, except in cases of faulty (i.e. non-functioning) tapes. It is unlikely that we will be able to provide you with new tapes (as they sell out quite quickly) but we will refund your money if the tapes are defective.